Robust Features

Import your data

Import and analyze data automatically from social media and other accounts

Learn your Privacy Score

How secure is your digital life? Understand what contributes to your privacy score and why

Know your risks

The hat you bought in 2010? That retail website was compromised and your password is now public

Take action

With our Privacy Score, understand potential exposure and take steps to secure your digital identity

Take it With You

PrivicyPal Mobile for iOS and Android

  • See your privacy score and other reports

  • Keep updated on security incidents that involve you directly

  • See interactive data visualizations

  • Sync privacy insights across devices securely and away from the cloud


Choose A Plan


Data Breach Search

Google / Facebook

Privacy Settings Audit

Privicy Score

$0/ monthly


Data Breach Search

Google / Facebook

OpenDSAR Accounts

Privacy Settings Audit / Reset

Personal Data Monitoring

Location History View

Fulltext Search Across all Sites/Accounts

Reusable Verifiable ID

Privacy Score

Private Community

Early Access to Beta

$1m Identity Theft Insurance

Scrubbing of Personal Data from Internet

Support Concierge

$5/ monthly with year

$60/ year

Every our plan includes:
  • Control Google

  • Control Facebook

  • Privacy Score

  • Privacy Audit

  • Data Breach Search

  • Location History Map

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